The Digital Brand

the gumbeaux (formerly known as Pink Gumbeaux, Jxnpreneur, and 504preneur) is a combination of all my brands and personalities on one platform. Managing separate brands was about protecting my faux professional image but became too much work and too expensive (because let’s be real, you’ve never offered to split costs and I forgive you).

Wait, did you feel that? That small gust of wind that just blew across your screen is my freedom.

the gumbeaux will allow me to create and share better content regarding entrepreneurship, faking a better life, and other important things (also known as whatever else I want to include and you will like it).

Obviously, you can expect the same snarky, cynical, and deadpan humor you’ve grown to love or are annoyed by. I don’t know your life…

The Creative Agency + Ashlee Kelly

I talk about entrepreneurship but what do I actually do?

I have over a decade of experience and education in community and economic development, policy, and proposal writing in government, corporate, and nonprofit. I also have a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs, branding, and social media marketing. I enjoy other creative outlets such as podcasting, blogging, and judging people. In addition to my many trades, I am a PhD candidate wrapping my dissertation.

I am also excited to provide resources but also work as a consultant. Interested in working with me? Complete the contact form.