Disclaimer: I am a millennial and have realized that meetings are incredibly triggering and can lead to an instant level of rage. Please note I am an expert, always right, and am not biased. This blogpost is completely objective and is supported by my extensive research and evaluation of my own experiences.

Where was I? Oh, I hate meetings. They are often a waste of time and resources. Of all things in life, my time is one of the most important things because it’s something I can never get back but people are often inexperienced in: (1) Is this meeting necessary; and (2) If it is necessary, how do I make sure I am not wasting everyone’s time?

Meetings are not a time for bonding, because you desire human interaction, or to discuss something that’s already been discussed in the last ten meetings. You don’t notice the pattern of unproductive meetings so you schedule another unproductive meeting which makes me have to call my husband on my lunch break to vent but he’s probably agitated cause he just left his unproductive meeting. You are ruining our lives!

Maybe take the time to determine if a meeting is necessary, gauge the possible attendees. If a meeting is necessary for brainstorming, suggest brainstorming before the meeting, coming with ideas in tow, then making some decisions once at the meeting. If you are charged with something but think a meeting is necessary, think about getting input from your colleagues first. Email them, catch them in the breakroom while they’re sneaking their second glazed donut, or pop into their office. Is it fair for everyone to take an hour out of their busy schedules to discuss something that’s your job? No. The answer is no. A former boss once said “give me solutions, not problems” which means try to figure that shit out first. And, I live by that. Unless you work in IT. If you work in IT, I will not figure that shit out first. I will call you first, roll my eyes when you tell me to turn my computer off then on; although, in most cases, that’s the best solution.

Ok, let's say you do need that meeting. Set an agenda, send that agenda, ask if anything needs to be added, set a time, start on time, end on time then send minutes. Your agenda should include the next steps, the person responsible, and maybe a timeline to complete associated tasks. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Side note: Meetings can be unavoidable. An unavoidable meeting is what triggered the inspiration behind this post. Do not get fired, I do not have any money. I am not an expert, am not always right, and am bias. This blogpost is completely subjective and is not supported by any research.

In the next episode of “What Triggers Ashlee,” I will discuss signs this phone call could’ve been a text.